Wednesday, April 6

Environmental Issues

Here you have some useful links for your investigations on Environmental Issues.
¡Use them!

The Ecology of Overpopulation

Articles on Environmental Issues ()

Ozone Layer Depletion

Pollution and Waste

Environmental Decay

I will keep adding more to cover all of the topics you are working with!

Have fun!

Tuesday, November 16

Evolution & Transformation K's and W's

Here we have the students' podcasts of the K's (what they know) and W's (what they want to know) related to our second unit of inquiry.

Tuesday, October 19

Short Stories About Creation

The following are the short stories about creation that the students of 4A created for the Unit of Inquiry about Origin and belief. Here you can find the final products for everybody to enjoy.

Sunday, September 5


We finally finish working on our ideas about our K's (What I know) and or W's (What we want to know). Still, there's a lot of corrections to be done and, as always, we have to keep sharing and improving our ideas about what we think we know by constantly inquiring; becoming researchers to find out all the information we want to know.

Here we have the groups

So, here's our first K's and W's about this first Unit of Inquiry

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5